What is Pingl?

Pingl is a growth hacking technology dedicated to qualified lead acquisition mainly for B2B transactions. Growth hacking is used by the giants of the tech industry, in particular to grow their users database. Pingl makes it possible to easily reach the site owners/managers who operate the website traffic analysis tools (webmaster, site director, and marketing manager).

The technology makes it possible to display a message, in the form of a URL, in the audience analysis tools by generating effective visits to the website of an editor.
These visits are visible to the webmaster and site manager, and if the message sparks his interest, the webmaster will visit the site of the advertiser who ordered the message.

This is push notification by referer.
Pingl is mostly dedicated to start-ups and companies which offer services to webmasters (hostings, website creation, plugin, template, advertising and affiliate platform, content creation etc ...)
With our paid offer, Pingl makes it possible to target the community of 10 million webmasters around the world. This targeting is based on the language of the site, its geographical location, the technology it uses or its purpose (media site or e-commerce for example).

We offer a free trial that allows you to test Pingl and generate a few hundred visitors per month. This offer has no targeting capability, no audience statistics, and only the site's domain name can be used as a message to display in the audience analysis tools.

Our paid offers include the following :
- a highly increased volume of diffusion
- the possibility of targeting
- the ability to display a personalized message.

Depending on the offer chosen, a campaign lasts from a few minutes to several hours. The effectiveness of a campaign lasts about a month and 60% of visits are in the first week.

Depending on the chosen offer, we guarantee a minimum click-through rate. If it is not reached within the agreed period, we will pay a complementary campaign at our expense until we obtain the desired click-through rate.

Upon request, you can download the list of IP addresses with the date and time of each click.