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Frequently Asked Questions

Why promote Pingl?

If the service has been useful to you, it will probably be useful to others and it is normal for you to tell your friends and on your blog or website to inform your community. To thank you for talking about Pingl, we have set up a bonus program.

Okay but what are the benefits for me to participate in the Pingl affiliate program?

The special relationship we have with our ambassadors is very important to us. Also to express our gratitude to all our affiliates, we offer them two great opportunities:

  1. Earn a lot of money with our very generous affiliate program.
  2. Get free campaigns to attract more and more visitors to your website.

You also get recognition from your readers and friends for sharing this good plan.

What exactly do you propose?

For each sale made thanks to you we pay you $40.

We would also like to thanks all of our ambassadors who have not made any sales but who are involved in Pingl's growth, so we offer them the opportunity to win free campaigns thanks to new members who sign up and who make at least one campaign.

So you win every time.

What are the levels to reach to get free campaigns?

  • 10 registrants = One Starter Plan at $99.95
  • 20 registrants = One All-in 1 plan at $299.95
  • 30 registrants = One All-in 2 plan at $699.95
  • 40 registrants = One All-in 3 plan at $1299.95
  • 50 registrants = One All-in 4 plan at $1999.95

For example, if you generate 50 registrants who run at least one free campaign you will receive:

  • - A Starter Plan
  • - An All-in 1 Plan
  • - An All-in 2 Plan
  • - An All-in 3 Plan
  • - An All-in 4 Plan

That represents nearly $4400 in marketing campaign to make discover your website and your offers.

Is there a limit to what I can earn?

There is no limit to your income. You will receive a commission for each new registrant who comes through you to purchase a first campaign.

What do you offer for the best affiliates?

We have a very special program for our top performing affiliates. But to learn more you will need to be in our most successful ambassadors. We can just tell you that the pay increases considerably and that you can participate in challenges with very nice gifts.

How long do cookies stay on the computer?

The lifetime of cookies is 30 days.

When do I get paid?

Payment is made at the end of each month.

For example, you make 3 sales in June, your commissions will be paid before July 30 at the latest.

What is the payment threshold?

There is no minimum payment threshold.
Each sale is paid at the end of the following month after validation.

How do you pay me?

We pay your commissions through Paypal but we work for you to offer other payment solutions such as Bitcoin.

What are the unauthorized practices?

We do not wish to list bad practices because we are convinced of the honesty of our ambassadors and we do not want to limit their creativity. The principle that should guide you is: would you use this method for yourself? If the answer is no then do not do it.

For example, we will not pay commissions if we have legitimate suspicions that you have created multiple accounts to benefit from free campaigns.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

Send us a message via the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.