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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pingl spam?

Every push marketing activity such as emailing or flyer distribution can generate requests to cease receiving notifications or offers.

We take these requests very seriously even though the complaint rate with Pingl remains well below market standards.

To be exact, spam corresponds to a precise definition. It is the mass sending of unsolicited email, using personal data such as email address to individuals. We are against it and we do not spam.

On your free campaign, we send your message to about 30,000 people. If you have two complaints, this represents a complaint rate of 0.006%. This is an extremely low ratio compared to all audience acquisition techniques. For example, the acceptable rate is a maximum of 0.1% for sending requested emails.

This means that for a campaign with 30 000 emails you could have up to 60 complaints. As you can see, we have a much lower rate.

Any user can opt-out to no longer receive notifications by this following link

Will Pingl affect your SEO?

There are many rumors that a high bounce rate and a short visit time are detrimental to SEO. Of course, this is totally false and has been denied by the most famous search engine. There are various reasons, the confidentiality of website data being one. It's really the same principale as a site using an audience measurement tool that is not linked to a search engine.

But the more logical reason is that each site has its own rebound rate and length of visit and it is impossible to measure the quality of an audience based solely on the rebound rate or length of visit because these figures can be falsified.

Take as an example two identical websites with the same article, the first cuts its articles into different pages to improve its statistics and the second displays the whole article on a single page to offer a better user experience.

They do the same thing but the statistics are different. How do judge who's right and who's wrong?

The most interesting indicators for a search engine is rather the CTR of the link or a new search by the same user on the same topic after clicking on a link. This will indicate that the user has not found an answer to his question and that the page is therefore useless for this query.

The reasoning can sometimes be irrational, we take this subject very seriously and that is why we bring a very good rebound rate and a very qualitative visit duration.

So, if your reasoning is that a low bounce rate and a long visit time are good for SEO then you should let us ping your website to improve your statistics.

Is there a long-term contract or minimum contract term?

There is not long term-contract. You are not required to commit to 12, 24, or even 2 months at sign up. You can stop when you want.

When am I billed?

We bill everybody at the beginning of each campaign.

Can I test for free ?

yes you can test pingl for free! click here

Do you offer refunds?

We generally don’t need to, but if you experience issues with us that make it unusable for you, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

What is the average performance of a pingl campaign?

The average click rate compared to the number of pings is about 1%.

How to improve the performance of my campaigns?

Choose an explicit and attractive domain name. for example if you sell wordpress template, use a domain name like and select Wordpress plan.

What type of targeting do you offer?

  • Language
  • Ecommerce web site
  • Wordpress web site
  • Influencers blogs

How long a Pingl campaign will generate audience on my website?

A campaign will generate a pic audience for 72 hours.
You will notice an additional inflow of traffic during one to two month.

How can i monitor my campaign?

With your Pingl account, all of your campaign in one place. Monitor all your campaign from a single dashboard.

How can I control the real quality of the generated audience?

You can control your campaigns through independent audience analysis tools.

What products or services are prohibited to promote ?

You can't use Pingl to promote illegal products and services in your country. You are responsible for ensuring that you can promote a product or a service.

Is the domain name registration included in your offers?

All Pingl plans contain a domain name except our free offer.

What payment method do you offer?

We propose you to use Paypal for the payment. This solution offers a high level of security.

I still have a question. How do I contact you?

If you ask frequently enough, we'll add it to this page, Click to Contact us.