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Pingl is a growth hacking technology dedicated to qualified lead acquisition mainly for B2B transactions. Growth hacking is used by the giants of the tech industry, in particular to grow their users database.

Pingl makes it possible to easily reach the site owners/managers who operate the website traffic analysis tools (webmaster, site director, and marketing manager).


We are confident in the reliability of our tool.

This allows us to offer you a guarantee on the volume of clicks of your paid campaign.


Be sure to reach all your targets.

Pingl offers the most important reach to digital professionals.


Target only the prospects that interest you.

With Pingl you can select the language, country and CMS of millions of webmasters that you want to contact.

Why shouldn't you use Pingl?

Do not use Pingl if your goal is soft growth.
Pingl is a powerful tool for efficient professionals.
Pingl is not for amateurs, it is for specialists who want to quickly increase the performance of their business.
Pingl is not for marketers who hesitate to act and who do not understand their environment.
Pingl is not for those who do not want to disturb anyone, when we move, we always disturb those who do not move and who do not want others to move.
The truth is, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Each month hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business with Pingl.
2,860 Active users
5,418 Campaigns
273,267,869,475 Pings

How it works

Amazingly easy

Add your target

Create a target with the interface

Run a campaign

We say "Hi!" to your target

Watch the result in real-time

Monitor the campaign in real-time, then watch visitors arrive and money come in.