Following the many emails we received asking us for more information about Pingl and regretting the termination of the service, we decided to make Pingl available to all Pingl in open source. All the scripts we have developed will be available soon.

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Dear publishers,

In the past few weeks, you have experienced disruptions in the analysis of your audience.
Don't worry, it will stop immediately, at least for the troubles we are causing.

We created Pingl to offer a new way to acquire prospects and customers.
But we quickly realized that the more users we had, the more it interfered with audience analysis tools.

This is in opposition to our values of kindness and progress.
As a result, we decided to stop offering this service despite its success, with several thousand active users in just a few months in a very specific segment.

Over the last few weeks, we ran these tests to estimate the power of our scripts and the limitations of Google Analytics.

We can assure you that Google Analytics is an excellent audience analysis tool.
You made the right choice by selecting it.
It took everything we had to push the limits!

Dear Google,

You are changing the lives of billions of people by offering high value-added services.
But because nothing is perfect in this world, one may need -even the most talented- to face vulnerabilities that are hard to fix.

However, reliable data is essential to ensure that users can make the right decisions.
Maintaining the trust of users is a question of survival.
There's nothing more important than that.

In the last few weeks, we have increased the audience of your customers' 
websites very significantly.
They explained to us that this was causing a very serious inconvenience.
To our knowledge, you weren't able to solve this problem encountered by your customers.

The main point is that if we were able to disturb Google Analytics, others could also do so but with less business-oriented or even dishonest intentions.

We can probably help you eliminate this risk.
As part of our activity, we have developed a tool that allows us to detect and analyze different types of anomalies such as false visitors, including on Google Analytics.
It brings new features such as audience quality measurement, which is very useful to better understand visitors and activate the right audience acquisition levers.

It has proven its effectiveness by allowing publishers to increase their revenues and advertisers to significantly reduce advertising fraud.

We suggest that we provide this tool so that you can test it and if you are convinced of its value, we can work on integrating it as a third-party tool in Google Analytics and/or DFP.

Live long and prosper.


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